Episode 5: Dr Aamir Khan using third/fourth generation robotic platforms for liver, pancreatic, and upper gastrointestinal cancer surgery


Dr Khan is an internationally recognised Liver, Pancreas and Upper Gastrointestinal cancer surgeon. After specialist training & certification in foregut cancer surgery in London he obtained focused sub-specialist training in Hepatobiliary Pancreatic and Gastric Surgery & Liver Transplantation at St James Hospital in Leeds and University of Tokyo Hospital following which Mr Khan joined the Royal Marsden faculty in 2008 where he developed one of the busiest specialist practices in London and where he headed one of the top notch teams at the Royal Marsden recognised internationally as a leader in hepatic, biliary tract, gastric and pancreatic surgery. He introduced Robotic Surgery in the United Kingdom having pioneered the first Robotic ALPPS procedure and combined robotic liver and colonic resection and jointly built up the first Robotic HPB Center in the United Kingdom. Mr Khan’s research interests are similar to his clinical experience encompassing different aspects of liver and pancreatic surgery. With over 70 articles published in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, abstracts and presentations around the world, he is recognised for his expertise in major and extended liver resections, liver volume modulation, resections for hilar cholangiocarcinoma. He also has expertise in the management of borderline operable pancreatic cancers, expanding the population of patients with pancreatic cancer to undergo safe surgery by incorporating neo-adjuvant chemotherapy and vascular resections in the treatment algorithm of patients with these cancers. He has been the Principal Investigator in a key trial assessing the role of new strategies to improve the outcomes following pancreatic cancer surgery.